One round around the ring with “Hate”.

For a woman who spends her time focusing on beauty, beautiful women, and the makings of a beautiful life, it came as a surprise to find myself in the midst of a journaling session writing about how much I hated (let’s call her Smurfette).  It looked something like this: “I hate Smurfette. I hate Smurfette. (two, three, four lines), I hate Smurfette. I hate Smurfette. I want to hire an airplane to fly around the city with a sign off the back saying “I hate Smurfette”.  I want to...


What do you do about heartbreak?

Recently, I found myself in the midst of a breakup and a little disoriented to say the least.  I pouted for a while until, one day, the clouds parted slightly and I was clear enough to write myself a pep-talk.  It did the trick and so I’d like to share it with you: What do you do when the one you love chooses someone else?  Or it’s bad timing somehow, or leaves town, or just plain doesn’t feel the same way anymore?  After you’ve taken down the old pictures and mementos,...